Automatic Revolving Doors Installation

Automatic revolving doors Installation provides an architectural statement to the entrance of your building, they provide environmental control, are convenient, they’re secure and provide easy, non-contact access to your building.

Glass Aftercare is a leading UK supplier, manufacturer and installer of automatic revolving doors, each system being tailor made to the clients revolving door requirements.

Protect your assets


Unlike many other revolving door suppliers, Glass Aftercare provides both ‘off the shelf’ Automatic Revolving Doors Installation and bespoke entrance solutions that are tailored to the design and vision of the buildings architecture.

We handle both the manufacture and the installation of the revolving doors which means designers and architects no longer have to be constrained with standard heights or diameters.  Material colours & surface finishes can all be specified during the design and development phase allowing seamless integration with the building façade. We’ve worked with many materials and surface finishes including aluminium, wood, bronze and stainless steel.

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