Condition & Acquisition Survey

A Condition & Acquisition Survey is essential when purchasing or leasing a new commercial property. The last thing you want when purchasing a property or signing a five-year lease is for the weather protection on the sixth floor’s windows to fail soon after you exchange contracts. Contact Glass Aftercare, and let us give your new property a full Condition & Acquisition Survey.

Protect your assets


Before you sign on the dotted line, you always need to know exactly what you’re buying. And that’s especially true if you’re taking possession of a property. The last thing you need is to realise you’ve taken responsibility for very expensive repair work.  That’s why Condition & Acquisition Surveys are so important.

It doesn’t matter how new or how old the building you’re acquiring is. You need any potential (or even existing) problems to be highlighted so that you know exactly what you’re paying for. By going into any negotiation armed with the facts, you’ll avoid unnecessary expense for repairs, refurbishment or ongoing maintenance.

What’s more, you’ll ensure that any relevant warranties or insurance will remain valid.

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