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Automatic Door Installation, Fault Finding, Repairing & Automating Manual Doors.

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We Restore, Protect & Improve your Buildings and that includes the working environment for your greatest asset, your people.

Commercial Glass Maintenance, Façade Refurbishment and Glazing Repair Specialists.

Glass Aftercare is one of the UK’s leading commercial glazing specialists in commercial glass maintenance. We understand glass maintenance and replacement, façade maintenance, and the servicing, maintenance and repair of both automated and manual doors.

With over 150 years’ of combined commercial glass maintenance experience at our team’s disposal, we know exactly how to tackle all of the issues you face.

That’s how we’re able to offer a huge range of façade and fenestration consultancy, and glazing and fenestration services to happy customers across the architectural, facilities management and insurance industries.

We work with a large number of clients throughout London and the Home Counties. If you lease, own or manage a commercial property with a glass façade, glazed roof, or a large number of self-contained glazing units, we’re able to help fit, maintain, replace or repair them.

Commercial Glass Maintenance in London by Glass Aftercare

Helping our clients maintain the VALUE of their PROPERTY ASSETS.

Recent Projects

Below are some of our most recent Commercial Glass Maintenance projects

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22 Bishopsgate, London – automatic pass-through doors

Project Description

The foyer for 22 Bishopsgate is designed to facilitate the 12 thousand people who could be working there and look good enough to house its own art exhibition space.

Working closely with the façade contractor Permasteelisa, we were given the challenge to replace the auto lobby pass doors, some of which incorporated a novel art glass design.

The brief was to make the doors more versatile, so that they could be quickly swung outwards, opposite to their normal daily orientation in the event of an emergency, to allow the high volume of people to safely evacuate the building.

As in the case of many city buildings today clients want the doors to be aesthetic, elegant and have the security built into the fabric of glass. The clients in this case wanted the doors to be physically locked with a key if needed.

Our solution, facilitated by our ability to manufacture bespoke frame-glaze doors, allowed us to design and fit doors that combined elegance and functionality without compromise.

22 bishopsgate London Swing Door Installation 2
22 bishopsgate London Swing Door Installation 2

We fitted breakout arms on the doors so they could carry on being automatic, inward opening but when needed could be physically swung outwards for emergency evacuation.

The requirement for the option of key locks was solved by fitting thumb turn locks – this allows for extra security but maintains egress safety by allowing anyone inside the building to quickly unlock them.

Our experience has taught us that every door needs a strategy so that any repairs or replacement will always align with what the door is required to do. We also know good information gives great results, both at design, installation and later to allow a clear maintenance strategy to be implemented in a timely manner.

Project Summary

Location: 22 Bishopsgate, City of London EC2N 4AJ

Client: Permasteelisa

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Frameless Glass Door Installation – 100 Bishopsgate, London

Project Description

Equinox is a luxury health club in the heart of the City of London. The building, largely glass fronted with large, oversized glass doors. As a prestigious location and a busy gym these doors suffer hard wear and tear. The doors which are part manual and part automatic were ready for replacement.
With the end of a recent lockdown imminent the gym and other residents of the building would be returning and it had to look right and work well.

Our brief was to turn this job around efficiently and safely. We sourced bespoke FrameGlass doors complete with etched signage. These doors are unique and that’s one of our many specialities – building glass entrances to specification.

The Equinox stands in a pedestrian precinct in the heart of the City of London. Advanced planning allowed us to close a cycle lane on a busy road for delivery and extraction. Using a Liftboy 700 electric floor crane with an ability to lift up to 700kgs, along with an in-line glass vacuum lifter that could cope with the weight and shape of the doors we were ready to access the job.

A banksman guided the doors off the transport and delivered them to the location safely. Despite the gym being still in lockdown this was a working building so a safe working area was established and we set to work quickly.

FrameGlaze frameless glass door installation Equinox
FrameGlaze frameless glass door installation Equinox

The next challenge was to get the old doors off and get the new ones in. This needed a combination of solutions; a well organised safe working area, the use of the highly manoeuvrable liftboy and an in-line glass vacuum lifter. Plus experienced fitters who know the job and each other well.

The feature door furniture was stripped for retro fitting to the new doors and then began the final challenge of getting the new doors to fit perfectly with the additional challenge of the automatic and manual mechanics of the door mechanisms. This was achieved with our automation experts working with the other fitting team members to make sure it was not only smooth and efficient but worked perfectly for the client.

As we work we are constantly surveying and evaluating the engineering and maintenance around entrances such as these. We identified that the complex automatic and manual mechanisms would need servicing in the future but passed them fit for the new doors.

The vast experience of our team members mean we know what to expect and have the solutions ready to go. If it ever looks easy, that’s because we do this day in, day out. We know every fixing, mechanism and the problems that can crop up when fitting doors of this quality and size.

On time and on budget the new doors are in, tested and apart from the amazing new doors you’d never know we’d been there. A textbook job and a happy client.

Project Summary

Location: Equinox, 100 Bishopsgate, London

Client: CBRE

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The Halo Building, London – High Level Glazing

Project Description

To attend site to provide the labour and logistics to deglaze and reinstall 10 new glass units on various elevations and locations – 10 Units Changed 


  • In order to get access to the 10th floor glazed units we would usually need a road closure for a crane, however due this property being on euston road it would be near impossible to get the road closed.
  • Either side of where the glass had to come out was narrow brick walls, so when deglazing we had to ensure we could control the suspended glass while lowering it without it bouncing off the brick walls.
  • There was a bus stop around the area which could not be closed down so we had to devise a plan to keep those people safe from the works.


  • Since we could not get a road closure we were forced to pivot. We opted to use a lifting rig on the roof & abseilers, quite the challenge.
  • We had 2 engineers operating 2 long taglines ensuring the glass is pulled tight minimising the risk of wind catching it and throwing it all over the place, this also assisted the abseilers when maneuvering around the glass.
  • To counter this we ensured the exclusion zone was manned at all times, making sure no one took shortcuts to the bus stop or went through it the wrong way. We effectively guided traffic safely to their destination. 
London High Level Glazing replacement The Halo Building
London High Level Glazing replacement The Halo Building

As usual the GA team turned early and eager to bring their A game. They signed in, got inducted and reviewed the plan ensuring everyone knew their role! Then proceeded to set up the exclusion zone so they could start directing traffic around it.

Next it was time for the abseilers to set up their rigs on the plant room roof and harness up, checking, double checking and triple checking. Later they will be going over the top to deglaze and escort the glass up and down the building.

They then set up the mini four on the lifting beam, after a few radio checks they were ready to go! 

First they lowered the mini 4 hook to attach the vacuum powered sucker, next is to get the sucker attach to the defective glass ready for the removal. Abseilers work with the internal tema to remove fixings to then pull the glass unit out externally and lower it down to the floor. 

Then the glass is placed on a van ready to dispose responsibly, new glass is loaded onto the sucker and lifted to the now empty hole. Again the abseilers work with the internal team to fix the window in place and glaze it. 

Another seamless execution on a very challenging job.

Project Summary

Location: The Halo Building, One Mabledon Place, London

Client: CBRE

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Visa Paddington Square – 10th Floor High Level Glazing

Project Description

To attend site, outside normal working hours, to remove damaged glass panel to 11th floor and install replacement sealed glass as close a match as achievable to existing glazing – Glass unit weight – 240kg.


  • Setting up the crane and mewp on the bridge could of caused crashing bridge 
  • Errectng the man safe was problem because there was a column infront of the window 
  • We changed the top glass panel so and there bresellay (decoravtive metal work) so we had to get the crane above the glass but below the bressellay


  • Hiring a structural engineering to survey the bridge strong points steels beams so the structure was supported, she attended site to ensure set up was right
  • So we moved it a little to the right 
  • We sent the banksman to the 10ths floor with radio communication to guide it
High Level Glass replacement by Glass Aftercare Visa Paddington
High Level Glass replacement by Glass Aftercare Visa Paddington

Bright and early the GA team turned up to site rearing to go. They arrived, got suited and booted & went over their game plan.

The next step was the first challenge, our heavy equipment (crane & mewp) had to sit on top of somewhat of a bridge meaning we had to think about this. Prior to game day we had a CBRE structural engineer surveyor come and work out where the best, most strengthened place for the heavy machinery to go. Having done this prior we turned up on the day with the surveyor and set up the kit, brilliant!

Time to get our hands dirty, our next step was to go up in the mewp, attach the vacuum glass sucker to the defective pane, remove all the fixings, release the glass and then lower to the floor ready to on the van ready for recycling! 

All went smoothly but that is not to say that it was easy sailing, our first issue was the man safe inside. There was a column behind the window making it difficult to set up the man safely, with some problem solving skills the team was able to make adjustments and set up. Next had to do with the location of the glass we were replacing, it was the very top unit just under the bresellay (decoravtive metal work). Of course attempting to get a crane underneath this and above the unit at the same time was not a piece of cake! Yet again we prevail with our years of experience and trusted teams, we ensured to have a crane banksman positioned in the best spot possible so they could relay information straight to the operator in real time.

Day 1 comes to a close with the glass removed and the hole boarded up ready for tommorow. 

Finally the sun rises and we can get back to it, everyone knows the plan and is now familiar with how it will play out. The new glass turns up on the van, they take it off and attach the vacuum powered glass sucker to it and proceed to lift the glass to the 10th floor. As it aproaches the empty hole. The team in the mewp carefully guide it into its new home, while the crane’s banksman ensures the crane is not too low for the glass or too high that it touches the metal artwork above. 

Another successful high level glazing job complete, to add to the thousands in the done list.

Project Summary

Location: Visa Paddington Square

Client: CBRE

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Oracle, Reading

Project Description

Glazed atriums are a common design and allow light to flood into the centre of modern buildings.  However, they are also a maintenance challenge because when they start to fail, they not only lower efficiency and create risk but have a direct effect on how it feels to work in that building.

Glass Aftercare was contracted by CBRE to replace the glass of the glazed roof of the 510 Thames Valley Business Park office building, part of the Reading campus for an American multi-national tech giant.

The roof of this 25 yr old building was really showing its age.  Double glazed units were failing, some had become opaque and the roof was leaking; added to which overheating was an issue in the building, especially in the atrium itself.

Some of the panels on the roof were an aluminium sandwich composite and we noticed these too were failing and contributing to the leaks.  CBRE and their clients were appreciative of our timely discovery of these failing units and money was saved by doing that remedial work at the same time.  

The glazed units were replaced with modern, high-performance, energy-saving glazing. We improved every seal by renewing all pressure caps and plates; and we updated the silicone seals of all glass-to-glass joints. This work saved money for the building’s occupants and owners, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

To replace the non-glass, aluminium units we worked with FABROCK™, ensuring best-in-class thermal, water and moisture resistance.  These vastly superior units are, not only fully compliant with modern regulations but also improve temperature efficiency and sound insulation.

GA’s broad knowledge of the sector and understanding of our products meant the timely use of Fabrock in this installation.  The thin, and yet efficient, Fabrock panels bonded inside the aluminium units was the right choice; giving GA’s clients temperature efficiency, water repellency, sound proofing and robustness in a material that is also environmentally friendly.  
Steve Doig from Fabrock

Glass Aftercare worked nights to avoid disrupting business activity. We provided a crash deck complete with netting, installed by IRATA Level 3 abseilers. A crane transferred glass off and onto the building.

The project began right at the beginning of the first Covid 19 lockdown and our team 

adhered stringently to all requisite COVID-19 health and safety measures, ensuring a secure operation during a time that presented unique operational and logistical challenges.

Glass Aftercare were outstanding, easy to work with, highly competent.  A supplier who always goes the extra mile. 
As well as expertly completing the original brief to replace the glass panels, they surveyed and reported back to CBRE further water ingress and wear they had found.  Their solutions to this problem not only saved the building owners money, enabled a timely maintenance on a roof which would have continued to leak if they had not found the problems – they also made us at CBRE look good in front of our clients.  GA’s innovative engineering solutions made a safer and more efficient building for the client. 
We like working with GA for all of these reasons above, and they also have the ability to do the actual survey at a nominal fee as well as respond and tend for the work of any survey completed.   This makes GA a true 360 modern supplier for maintenance and structural engineering solutions.
Scott Yates, CBRE

Project Summary

Location: Oracle, Reading

Client: CBRE

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Mid City – Level 2 Glass Change

Project Description

Problem: The client requested our help to replace a shattered glass panel on the second floor, the glass posed a danger to cars and pedestrian below

The solution: To attend site inside normal working hours to remove the damaged glass panel from external 2nd floor elevation. Install replacement panel 35mm sealed glass unit 1590mm x 3000mm. Works will involve access and lifting equipment.


  • Immediate action was needed upon survey but was late so night was coming on very rapidly, decreasing visibility
  • Getting articulated lorry to drop off skyjack due to tight turning circles, it was very import to get this handled in a timely matter
  • We had to break out the broken toughened glass and all the residue without injuring anyone or any object below


  • We successfully put together RAMS, labour and got a MEWP to site same evening to remove the shattered skin to prevent it potentially falling
  • We temporillary closed a road while a banksman guided the driver
  • Ensured full ppe was worn and also expanded the safe exclusion zone below the path off the glass removal

Project Summary

Location: Mid City Place

Client: MCPI

Architect: Rashual Casual

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