Commercial Glass Maintenance

If you want to keep your building looking brilliant and commercial glass maintenance and repair costs under control, you really should be putting it in the hands of professionals.  Contact London based Glass Aftercare to organise your proactive preventative commercial glass maintenance schedule.

Protect your assets


First impressions count and nowhere is this truer than the façade of your company headquarters.

Inadequate glass maintenance doesn’t just ruin your good looks, it also has significant safety implications. The accumulation of dirt accelerates corrosion, especially in aluminium, gaskets and silicones which, with today’s modern glazing techniques  are key in structurally holding the glass in and water out. Poor maintenance will result in some hefty repair bills and, more seriously, can present a major safety threat in public places from the danger of breaking glass.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Maintaining a glass façade is a serious business with serious and costly consequences if poorly managed.

Commercial Glass Maintenance in London


Investing in Planned Preventative Glass Maintenance safeguards your investment, protects your corporate brand, keeps your building looking great and significantly lowers your exposure to risk and consequent repair costs.

We work with you to establish a routine fit for purpose and a maintenance schedule that is specific to the needs of your building. We look at where it is sited, what level of environmental pollutants it is regularly subjected to, what materials it is constructed from and its design relative to the O&MS.

As you would expect, we can fully clean and comprehensively maintain the glass itself, looking for evidence of chips, cracks, delamination, discolouration of glass coatings or moisture in the glass cavity.

We also pay close attention to silicon joints, gaskets and membranes, internal actuated blinds, and ironmongery and we also fully maintain automatic doors of all types.

Many materials and finishes commonly used in modern facades, such as anodised finishes, polyester powder coated aluminium and steel and stainless steel, demand specialised cleaning and maintenance techniques.

We look beneath the skin and properly maintain the internal cladding too, which is a vital factor often overlooked.

If we find any damage in the process of this that we are unable to repair ourselves we report back and make recommendations to your best course of remedial action.

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