Emergency Glazing Repair in London

If glass breaks due to an accident, vandalism or poor maintenance, you’re left with an obvious problem. Until that glazed panel is boarded up or replaced, your property is unsecured and unprotected from the weather. That’s where Glass Aftercare’s emergency glazing repair come in.


Emergency Glazing Repair Services

We provide rapid response emergency glazing and boarding up services when you need them the most. Whether your shop, office, hotel or other commercial or public building has experienced an accident or deliberate damage, we’re on-hand to help.

Glass Aftercare’s skilled and highly experienced glaziers provide a range of emergency and short-notice repair services. The quickest and simplest short term solution is boarding up, but we also restructure or repair glazing, and expertly replace toughened glass, laminated glass or any other kind of glazing unit.

Rapid response

Reliable solutions

Emergency Glazing Repair Services by Glass Aftercare - London

Emergency Glazing Repairs and Replacements

We aren’t limited to only replacing broken windows and glass panels. Glass Aftercare can also provide a range of frame and shop-front repair services, ensuring your property is secured quickly and safely.

Our emergency glaziers will board up or repair your property as quickly as possible and with as little disruption to your business as possible. All health and safety hazards will be removed, and your property will be protected and secured.

No matter what situation has caused your glazing to be damaged or shattered Glass Aftercare be on hand to assess the status of your property and carry out quick, high quality repair work.

All you need to do is pick up the phone.