Centre Point, London

Specialist glass expertise transforms Centre Point

Project Brief

• Working on the redevelopment of Centre Point, as a specialist contractor for this stunning, Grade II listed, glass building.
• One of the most iconic London landmark projects to take place during recent years.
• The restoration of Centre Point has transformed the office building and public realm in to a residential tower with retail, restaurants and a major public space at its base.
• A key part of this historical revamp was the cleaning, maintenance and restoration of the building without harming the aesthetic or compromising the integrity of the project.
• The production of oversized frameglaze passthrough doors
• Tall revolving doors to tie in with the planned façade redevelopment within the residential tower.
• Automation and accessible access.


An in-depth restoration and maintenance project utilising specialist teams and equipment.

First on the agenda was replacing all the silicone in the 1960’s heritage link bridge original Pilkington’s planar glazing. Silicone is a great sealant but it does start to degrade after 10 years and so Glass Aftercare needed to replace all the silicone in the facade.

Another task, and a rather precarious one, was taking out the fittings and cleaning them using an electrostatic process, whilst the glass was still in situ.

Utilising specialist equipment to keep the glass in place, every fitting was checked, cleaned and replaced. This was accomplished whilst ensuring that the highest levels of safety both on the slab and below, protecting the public at all times was a primary concern. And furthermore, no glass was damaged (replacement would have resulted in an inconsistent look after so long) and each was professionally cleaned.

Specialist expertise

The maintenance workers abseiled down the building at times during the project in order to ensure the authenticity of the building was not conceded.

Glass Aftercare removed the original solar film as well as decommissioning heritage balustrades – repairing and replacing as necessary all those on the link bridge façade.

Thanks to the efforts and work of the restoration and revival teams from all contractors on site (not just Glass Aftercare) , Centre Point will continue to shine bright as a modern masterpiece in its place at the centre of London’s skyline.

Open Entrances were enlisted to design, manufacture and install the oversized FRAMEGLAZE passthrough doors and tall revolving door. The passthrough doors and the revolving door are both 3.72m tall.

This height is still unusual for these type of doors so specialist expertise was needed in their construction. Since they were also automatic, it was important to ensure the technical aspects, including in-ground sensors, were operating correctly and effectively and the door was fit for purpose in such a high pedestrian area. As ADSA Qualified contractors we were able to do this. The thermal properties of glass allow for a natural build up of light and warmth within the lobby. The acoustic properties of the glass used also benefit the lobby by minimising traffic noise from outside, creating a calming ambiance within the building itself.

Project Summary

Location: Tottenham Court Road, London

Client: Almacantar

Architect: Rick Mather

Contractor: Multiplex

Key Features:

  • Restoration of Grade II Listed Building
  • Replacing all the silicone in the 1960’s heritage link bridge

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