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Glass Roof Replacement

Project Description

Problem: The client requested our help to replace a cracked glass panel situated above a staircase in a glass box. We will need a crane, a plan & skilled team.

The solution: To attend site, all works being carried out during normal working hours only, using a four person specialist team of glazing installers along with a contract lift operator, to replace a broken double glazed roof panel to the staircase roof.

Challenges (3)

  • The width of the courtyards was very small, so we needed very specific pieces of equipment.
  • There was limited access to the actual roof as we could not stand on the other glazed panels.
  • There was a seal blocking the glazed unit that had to be removed without damaging surrounding panels

Solutions (3)

  • With extensive contacts in the industry finding the perfect crane was a breeze
  • We used safe boards across the roof for our glaziers to gain access to the roof
  • Once we gained access to the roof we could then carefully remove the seal holding the other panels in. After we then put it back AND water tested it to ensure we re installed it correctly

Project Summary

Location: Bennetts Associates

Client: Bennetts Associates

Architect: Bennetts Associates

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