Visa Paddington Square – 10th Floor High Level Glazing

Project Description

To attend site, outside normal working hours, to remove damaged glass panel to 11th floor and install replacement sealed glass as close a match as achievable to existing glazing – Glass unit weight – 240kg.


  • Setting up the crane and mewp on the bridge could of caused crashing bridge 
  • Errectng the man safe was problem because there was a column infront of the window 
  • We changed the top glass panel so and there bresellay (decoravtive metal work) so we had to get the crane above the glass but below the bressellay


  • Hiring a structural engineering to survey the bridge strong points steels beams so the structure was supported, she attended site to ensure set up was right
  • So we moved it a little to the right 
  • We sent the banksman to the 10ths floor with radio communication to guide it
High Level Glass replacement by Glass Aftercare Visa Paddington
High Level Glass replacement by Glass Aftercare Visa Paddington

Bright and early the GA team turned up to site rearing to go. They arrived, got suited and booted & went over their game plan.

The next step was the first challenge, our heavy equipment (crane & mewp) had to sit on top of somewhat of a bridge meaning we had to think about this. Prior to game day we had a CBRE structural engineer surveyor come and work out where the best, most strengthened place for the heavy machinery to go. Having done this prior we turned up on the day with the surveyor and set up the kit, brilliant!

Time to get our hands dirty, our next step was to go up in the mewp, attach the vacuum glass sucker to the defective pane, remove all the fixings, release the glass and then lower to the floor ready to on the van ready for recycling! 

All went smoothly but that is not to say that it was easy sailing, our first issue was the man safe inside. There was a column behind the window making it difficult to set up the man safely, with some problem solving skills the team was able to make adjustments and set up. Next had to do with the location of the glass we were replacing, it was the very top unit just under the bresellay (decoravtive metal work). Of course attempting to get a crane underneath this and above the unit at the same time was not a piece of cake! Yet again we prevail with our years of experience and trusted teams, we ensured to have a crane banksman positioned in the best spot possible so they could relay information straight to the operator in real time.

Day 1 comes to a close with the glass removed and the hole boarded up ready for tommorow. 

Finally the sun rises and we can get back to it, everyone knows the plan and is now familiar with how it will play out. The new glass turns up on the van, they take it off and attach the vacuum powered glass sucker to it and proceed to lift the glass to the 10th floor. As it aproaches the empty hole. The team in the mewp carefully guide it into its new home, while the crane’s banksman ensures the crane is not too low for the glass or too high that it touches the metal artwork above. 

Another successful high level glazing job complete, to add to the thousands in the done list.

Project Summary

Location: Visa Paddington Square

Client: CBRE

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