The Halo Building, London – High Level Glazing

Project Description

To attend site to provide the labour and logistics to deglaze and reinstall 10 new glass units on various elevations and locations – 10 Units Changed 


  • In order to get access to the 10th floor glazed units we would usually need a road closure for a crane, however due this property being on euston road it would be near impossible to get the road closed.
  • Either side of where the glass had to come out was narrow brick walls, so when deglazing we had to ensure we could control the suspended glass while lowering it without it bouncing off the brick walls.
  • There was a bus stop around the area which could not be closed down so we had to devise a plan to keep those people safe from the works.


  • Since we could not get a road closure we were forced to pivot. We opted to use a lifting rig on the roof & abseilers, quite the challenge.
  • We had 2 engineers operating 2 long taglines ensuring the glass is pulled tight minimising the risk of wind catching it and throwing it all over the place, this also assisted the abseilers when maneuvering around the glass.
  • To counter this we ensured the exclusion zone was manned at all times, making sure no one took shortcuts to the bus stop or went through it the wrong way. We effectively guided traffic safely to their destination. 
London High Level Glazing replacement The Halo Building
London High Level Glazing replacement The Halo Building

As usual the GA team turned early and eager to bring their A game. They signed in, got inducted and reviewed the plan ensuring everyone knew their role! Then proceeded to set up the exclusion zone so they could start directing traffic around it.

Next it was time for the abseilers to set up their rigs on the plant room roof and harness up, checking, double checking and triple checking. Later they will be going over the top to deglaze and escort the glass up and down the building.

They then set up the mini four on the lifting beam, after a few radio checks they were ready to go! 

First they lowered the mini 4 hook to attach the vacuum powered sucker, next is to get the sucker attach to the defective glass ready for the removal. Abseilers work with the internal tema to remove fixings to then pull the glass unit out externally and lower it down to the floor. 

Then the glass is placed on a van ready to dispose responsibly, new glass is loaded onto the sucker and lifted to the now empty hole. Again the abseilers work with the internal team to fix the window in place and glaze it. 

Another seamless execution on a very challenging job.

Project Summary

Location: The Halo Building, One Mabledon Place, London

Client: CBRE

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