1 Ropemaker Street

High Level Glazing

Project Description

Problem: The client requested our help to replace a shattered glass panel on the fifth floor, due to the nature of this job there a lot of things to factor in. Road closures, equipment and MEWPs all sourced and organised by GA. 

The solution: To attend sites outside normal working hours. The works to be undertaken outside normal working hours due to local authority insistence and will involve vehicle backed cherry picker on external elevation and glazing robot will be used on internal locations. The works will involve parking dispensation, pavement closure, council permit and 3 way traffic management all included in our costs.

Challenges (3)

  • Could not get access to a crane due so we had to come up with a innovative way of getting the oversized panel out of the building from the 5th floor.
  • Leading edge – when it comes to high level glazing health and safety is number 1 priority so we had to ensure all engineers were at zero risk
  • PPE – Whilst the UK is in lockdown construction marches on, we must keep safe.

Solutions (3)

  • To overcome the challenge without the crane we used engineers internally with a lift boy, while engineers in the mewp externally helped rotate the glass. They then pushed the glass into the building and loaded it securely onto a trolley to then get taken out.
  • We got a mansafe inside the room of works and had all engineers hooked up with a harness, meaning if someone was to fall outside the ledge they would be caught. 
  • Ensured full PPE was worn at all times.

Project Summary

Location: 1 Ropemaker Street

Client: City Point

Contractor: Jaguar

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