How a FIMS will future proof your facade

Expert eyes are vital, but we’re enhancing ours with clever, performance-optimising technology.

At Glass Aftercare, we’re committed to the latest digital advances and technologies. This way, we provide technical support for facilities and building managers, helping maintain the value of your property assets and the performance of your façade and glazing elements.

One way we do this is through our Facade Information Management System®, known as FIMS – developed specifically to improve your building’s envelope efficiency and reduce risks to your commercial glass management and maintenance.

What is a FIMS?

Our Facade Information Management System®, FIMS, is the smart way to safeguard your building envelope. It is a data-driven tool, meaning it analyses your real-time data to help you identify specific areas where your building façade and fenestration requires day-to-day maintenance.

As well as ongoing upkeep, a FIMS reveals where your building envelope is exposed to potential threats, and where its performance capabilities may be at risk. This means you can instruct consultancy and emergency glazing repair services quickly and easily before the problem prevails. It does this through a dashboard to show you real-time performance, so we can recommend and implement the right ways to maintain façade components to improve aesthetics, energy efficiency and overall performance.

What are the features of Glass Aftercare’s FIMS?

The primary role of your FIMS is to provide detailed information about the conditions of your building’s glazing, glass and façade to pinpoint areas of inefficiency, risk and potential threats. This should cover all component parts, including glass screens, glass doors and windows.

FIMS also improve operational efficiency. With a live dashboard, you can track work orders and maintenance, monitoring progress at all times. This includes material lifespan and warranty insights, such as estimates for potential maintenance costs (particularly planned preventative maintenance) and surveys (for condition, structure and acquisition).

As well as day-to-day management, risk assessment is key. Your FIMS provides critical alerts and notifications so you can investigate leaks, defects or other structural failures immediately. It also features inspection and assessment data, including compliance and regulatory updates to make sure audits are carried out and warranties are correctly in place.

Why is a FIMS important for energy efficiency?

Specifically designed for effective building envelope support, FIMS software provides real-time performance metrics for energy efficiency, so you can ensure your building is futureproof.

At Glass Aftercare, our FIMS assesses your building beyond its glazing, doors, windows and façade to consider how other key components impact its envelope. For example, addressing heating and lighting systems is important for overall energy efficiency, performance and longevity.

Of course, planning preventative maintenance and ongoing upkeep is vital to make sure everything is working correctly and your building is safe. Yet here at Glass Aftercare, our clients know that going one step further to futureproof facades for optimal performance lies in making decisions driven by data – and provided by FIMS.

Enhance your building’s performance using FIMS technology and decision-led data. Talk to our team about how to increase energy efficiency, both today and tomorrow.

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