Help Us to Help the Homeless

Glass Aftercare has an ethos of paying it forwards which is why we have committed to donate £5 to Centrepoint for every metre2 of glass that we supply and install.

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Centrepoint – giving Hope to the Homeless

Last year in London alone, homelessness among 16 to 25 year olds doubled.

Regardless of the situation that forces young and vulnerable people to sleep rough, there is an underlying factor, a lack of hope, that prevents many of them from moving forward and realising their potential to succeed in life.  Often, all that is needed is a safe warm environment along with support, counselling and education to get them back on their feet and see that there really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Glass Aftercare - supporting Centrepoint - homeless youth charity

Ignorance is far from Bliss

During 2017/18  in the UK alone, 103,000 young people approached their local council because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Glass Aftercare - supporting Centrepoint - homeless youth charity

Together, we really can make a difference

We at Glass Aftercare have teamed up with Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, and committed to donate £5 for every m2 of glass that we supply and install.

Centrepoint’s mission is to provide people aged 16 to 25 with the tools and resources they need to move on from homelessness into a home and a job of their own. Every year they help over 10,000 young people escape homelessness by providing a warm, safe space for them to call their own. However their support extends far beyond a bed.

During their time at Centrepoint, young people have access to a wide range of services. The in-house specialist physical and mental health professionals work with them to take control of their wellbeing and move away from the detrimental effect homelessness has had on their lives. Then, once they are physically and mentally ready, Centrepoint’s accredited learning team provide young people with a pathway to get into education, training or employment, allowing them to build the skills and experience necessary to move on into a home and a job.  Visit the Centrepoint website to find out how they help young and vulnerable adults and how you can help support the charity.

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