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The installation of glass requires careful planning in both the selection of logistics and installation techniques. With todays demanding requirements to meet energy efficiency and harsh changing weather environments, Glass Aftercare understands that both the specification of modern glass design can lead to over weight and over sized components. We have installed glass units regularly weighing in over half a tonne.


The use of natural stone always brings to mind the very tradition of building. this material, of natural origin, is suited for structures where it can be used safely, taking into account the fact that thickness, weight and physical characteristics that are not always homogeneous. Glass Aftercare can source, specify and work with world class stone manufacturers. This gives the designers access to specially created rainscreen systems using natural stone on facades, without sacrificing safety and ease of installation.


Metals have there own characteristics that are both challenging in terms of finish and thickness. From heavy gauge stainless steels to think gauge aluminum our time served engineers have worked on celebrated projects that house the Kings library in bronze to over-cladding tower blocks in specially designed aluminum panels.

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