Case Study - Grove Swimming Pool


• To provide on demand privacy and security in the underground swimming pool.
• Controlling light levels
• Keep inline with the modern and clean look of the overall refurbishment


• Experienced and skilled team of Blink installers.
• Blink technical advisors worked closely with designers to achieve the desired look and effect within the overall design concept.


• Project completed to strict deadlines.
• Large sliding doors incorporating Blink Digital Blinds installed.
• Blink Glass providing the property’s new swimming pool a modern, clean solution whilst also offering privacy, security and desired light levels.


Leading Ipswich based architects KLH have completed a prestigious swimming pool refurbishment project for residential clients on the Essex coast.

Blink Digital Blinds, from the Glazium range of products, which uses switchable glass was incorporated to provide on demand privacy and security whilst also controlling light levels in the pool area.

Originally the property had a small outdoor swimming pool, which needed replacing.  KLH Architects were invited to design a new pool area and the decision was made to create it indoors and underground.

This presented a challenge of providing natural light into the pool area and be able to control this in a modern and clean way.

A number of solutions were created.  A hole was cut through the retaining wall in order to keep the magnificent sea-view from the poolside area.

The underground pool area is accessed via a spiral stone staircase and tunnel featuring a roof light to create effective underground ambience.

Large shutter doors incorporating blink Digital Blinds were also added to conceal the swimming pool and control light for the sea-view entrance.

The use of Blink means that at the flick of a switch wither on demand privacy can be created or additional light can be transmitted around the pool.  The Blink Glass turns from clear to opaque providing this modern and clean effect.

The Blink team worked closely with the architects from specification through to installation to ensure perfect integration with the overall concept.

Robert Keeble, Partner KLH Architects says

“Blink Digital Blinds have given this property’s swimming pool a modern, clean solution whilst offering the flexibility to achieve privacy, security and desired light levels.”

Blink Glass is part of the Glazium range of integrated products and services. Contact us for more information on how you can take advantage of Blink Glass technology.

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