We Love Glass

Because as a modern material it is everywhere and its properties are getting smarter what we do best is offer and deliver an integrated solution.

Our new website is a showcase of services that Glass Aftercare offers over and above planned and reactive maintenance .

We provide products that meet today’s designers need for elegance, functionality, smart applications and also government targets for assisting our planet with renewable energy.
Solar BIPV is the latest range of services that we have integrated within our solutions.

It is the culmination of hundreds of thousands of square metres of product, installed over 20 years experience working in the facade and fenestration industry.

It is our vision that the integrators and installers are an integral part of the thought process, so that the outcome is a true replication of intent.

Our team are experts in bringing together both traditional materials like stone and metal, with more modern and creative mediums like  glass, and now with the advent of Government commitments - we have added renewable technologies to our proposition.

We Understand

We know how to put together the right solution using the Right product and how to deliver great service.

We have an extensive supply chain that offers old school knowledge, working methods, harnessed experience in product design manufacture, and possibly most importantly the installation process and its successful management.



We get excited by new Technologies

We work closely with our clients.

We have worked on some of the most prestigious projects and helped craft some of the most innovative solutions. We collaborate with architects, design consultants, and housing developers, as well as individual clients.


We would love to collaborate with you on your projects so please take a good look at the site; we look forward to hearing from you.



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