Photovoltaics BIPV by Integrasol

The key to a sustainable future is using renewable energies and most important area of building and design today will be the built in Photovoltaics. Glass Aftercare is a reliable partner as it in turn only works with the worlds strongest and most creative industry leading manufacturers of thin film and and organic materials that can be made into Glass and semi transparent panels 

About Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic technology (pv) is what we use today to harness the power of the sun and sunlight
. The PV can be manufactured into many formats and works silently and virtually maintenance free. 

It is recognised as one of the fastest growing renewable energy solutions

The main uptake in the UK is either Roof mounted or Bipv (built in PV)
 And these are usually grid connected providing local embedded generation.

 There are many reasons the world and the government have encouraged the use of this local type of energy
. And we as a result are participating by offering our clients a vast range of solutions that are both elegant and functional.

Some key reasons:


• Reducing your own cost of electricity by local generation

• Renewable energy makes a contribution to the environmental agenda

• By generating and monitoring our usage we help encourage others and ourselves of the energy efficiency

• We can make a commercial gain from our investment which is guaranteed.

Would you like to lower
your electricity bills
all year-round.

Solar energy can power your home and protect the environment while reducing your monthly electricity bills. 

But all solar modules are not alike. There are significant differences among solar modules, warranties, and manufacturers. 

We only work with the best in breed manufacturers and bring you products that are tried and tested and therefore give you and us peace of mind.

Find out why more building owners are discovering that Glass Aftercare is the smart choice in solar.

  We can lower your electricity bills year-round.

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